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A special award from the French Senate

The Senate will award 25 trophies and medals this evening to the outstanding sportsmen and women of the year 2005 from 15 different sports. Each year, a special award is given by the Senate to bestow honours on a particular feat or an exceptional sporting career. Based on rankings established by the Senate sports committee, two top-level sportsmen will be presented with the Special Award by the Senate. They are Priscilla Telmon, who covered 5000 km on foot from Hanoï to Calcutta and Bruno Peyron, the skipper of the Orange II maxi-catamaran, for his round the world sailing record in 2005 and his triple victory in the Jules Verne Trophy.

Bruno Peyron is one of the pioneers in ocean faring multihulls. Back in 1979 he was already defending two hulled boat designs and never ceased to be an ocean racing pioneer, while remaining off the beaten track.
Bruno Peyron

Bruno Peyron

After fifteen years of logging up the traditional mainstream competitions, he turned his attention to global adventure. He was guided by his experience of the sea, fed from childhood, and his attraction for innovative projects. He has taken part in almost all the large crewed and single-handed sailing events since the 80s. He can be credited with 34 Atlantic crossings, 12 of which were single-handed.

Throughout this incredible career, he has managed to accumulate several hundred thousand miles on all the seas the world over. One of his great victories sums up his racing in a nutshell: In 1993, he was the first to win the Jules Verne Trophy with his crew, in 79 days and 6 hours. In 1994, Sir Peter Blake, and then in 1997, Olivier de Kersauson, were to beat his record. The Jules Verne was to become the perfect stepping stone in 2001, for getting The Race into orbit, a no limits, no assistance, non-stop race that was created and organized by Bruno Peyron. It was a successful event. In 2004, he commissioned Orange which took part in The Race under the name of Innovation Explorer, and took on the Jules Verne Trophy record for the second time, which he pulverized in 64 days and 8 hours. He could have stopped there, however in 2004, with the help of his partner, he commissioned the building of Orange II, a new 36.60 m (120’) ocean racing catamaran, destined to win the world’s greatest records. His primary aim is to take on the Jules Verne Trophy for the third time, and defend his own record.

Orange II / Catamaran 37 m / Bruno Peyron / 16 March 2005 / 50d 16h 20mn 04s

Old records
Round the world record / Cheyenne / Catamaran 38 m / Steve Fossett / 5 April 2004 / 58d 09h 32mn
Trophée Jules Verne/ Geronimo/ Olivier de Kersauson / 29 April 2004 / 63d 13h 59mn

• 1st navigator to succeed in sailing around the world in less than 80 days (Jules Verne Trophy 1993)
• He won the Jules Verne Trophy twice (1993 and 2002)
• Founder of The Race (first no limit race around the world 2000 / 2001)
• Initiator of and project manager for 2 syndicates who came 1st and 2nd in The Race 2000 / 2001
• Record-breaker for the greatest number of miles sailed in an ocean faring maxi-catamaran (280,000 miles)
• Twice record-breaker of the Atlantic crossing single-handed (1987 & 1992)
• Twice record-breaker of the Pacific crossing with crew (1997 & 1998)
• Four times record-breaker of the 24 hour sailing record (1982 / 1995 / 2000 / 2004)
• Twice winner of the Neptune d’Or (1987 & 1993)
• 24 oceanic records & 37 transoceanic records
• No.1 multihull skipper (1987 / 1990)
• More than 400,000 miles sailed on all the oceans

• First tacks in a “Requin” at the age of 18 months
• First time at the helm at the age of 5
• First gale at more than 50 knots at the age of 11
• First regattas at the age of 13
• First Mini Transat at the age of 21 (1977)
• First “Figaro” at the age of 21 (1977)
• First “Route du Rhum” at the age of 22 (1978)
Bruno Peyron Age : Born 1st december 1959, (46 ans) - 4 children
Lives in Pouliguen
Nationality : French

2005 Jules Verne Trophy - Orange II and Bruno Peyron’s crew have just set a new round the world record in 50 days, 16 hours, 20 minutes and 4 seconds, achieving an average speed of 22.2 knots.
– Ahead of Cheyenne (Steve Fossett), the previous outright record holder by 7 days 17h 12’ 41’’.
– Ahead of Geronimo (Olivier de Kersauson), the previous Jules Verne Trophy holder by 12 days 21h 39’ 42’’.

2004 Weltrekord: 706 nm/24h
Marseille-Tunis 17h 56mn and 33s
2003 2nd Transat J.Vabre
2002 - Route du Rhum (Abandoned)
2001 - 2nd The Race in Innovation Explorer, - 3rd Transat J.Vabre
1999 - FICO-Lacoste World Champion,
- Winner of Round Europe Yacht Race,
- 1st Transat J.Vabre,
- 1st Vendée and Marseilles Grand Prix,
- 1st Fastnet Race
1990 - Second in Vendée Globe.

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