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Friday 17 July 2010, Cowes, UK


Cowes Yacht Haven makes up to 15 additional berths available and introduces a flexible booking policy for Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week.

With entry numbers to Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week [http://www.aamcowesweek.co.uk] (6-13 August) already looking extremely good despite the recession, Cowes Yacht Haven [http://www.cowesyachthaven.com] has responded to the need for extra moorings by making up to 15 additional berths available. Boats both large and small can still be accommodated and in response to a request for a more flexible berthing policy the berths can be booked for the entire week or for individual nights. Prices have also been held at 2010 levels so no increase in costs on last year and that's including the VAT!

By making your base at Cowes Yacht Haven you can step ashore straight into the all-new Cowes Yacht Haven Regatta Village [http://www.cowesweek.org/], the High Street and the very heart of Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week. The Yacht Haven is also the closest public marina to the start lines so you can minimize your travel time and maximize your fun time!

With Aberdeen Asset Management on board, 2011 is the start of a new Cowes Week era and we have taken this opportunity to completely reevaluate our approach to the event. The new Regatta Village will provide both competitors and spectators with the perfect social base offering a mix of retail outlets, hospitality and entertainment from breakfast time right through until the early hours. In revising our berthing policy to make more berths available and take bookings for individual nights we are responding to the requests of our customers. We want to revitalize our relationship with the traditional Cowes Week audience and these are our first steps towards that. said Cowes Yacht Haven Marina Manager Ben Ferris.

Berth at the heart of Cowes Week, take advantage of the fabulous new Cowes Yacht Haven Regatta Village and help celebrate the 90th Birthday of Prince Philip

For more than half a century Cowes Yacht Haven has been the social hub of Cowes Week. For 2011 a new Regatta Village with free entry for all but the final Friday Firework Party is being introduced confirming the Yacht Haven's place at the very centre of the Cowes Week social scene.

Alongside a host of fantastic retail, food and beverage outlets and an excellent line up of live bands playing through the afternoon and late into the night the Regatta Village will also be home to a very special historic yacht. His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh, owns the famous Dragon 'Bluebottle' and in 2011 celebrates his 90th birthday! As part of a week of celebrations being organized by the British and Solent Dragon Associations to honor their royal fleet member, 'Bluebottle' will be displayed in the Regatta Village outside Cowes Week and Dragon Class sponsor Aberdeen Asset Management's hospitality centre. The Yacht Haven is delighted and proud to be welcoming such a famous yacht and to be part of the Dragon Class celebrations marking Prince Philip's 90th birthday.

Cowes Yacht Haven berth holders will have VIP access to the Regatta Village throughout the week and each berth booked for the night of Friday 12 August will include complimentary tickets to the Final Friday Firework Party up to a total value of 50 for a 10m boat.

Cowes Yacht Haven

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