Voiles de St.Tropez 2017

Voiles de St.Tropez 08.10.2017


Thank you and see you next year!

Today, the traditional glamorous awards ceremony for the Prizes and Trophies at the citadel in sunny Saint Tropez rounded off this extraordinary festival of international yachting. Nearly 4,000 skippers, captains, sailors and owners are now returning to their daily lives right around the sailing planet, some in awe, some just a little stunned by so much festivity and marine splendour throughout the past week in the wonderful bay setting in France’s Var region. The 2017 edition once again enthralled those on the water and those on shore and it’s certainly going to be a long wait for all concerned until 2018. In the meantime, seafarers and sailing fans the world over can be warmed by the memories and the thousands of dazzling images of the extraordinary and timeless racing amongst the world’s most beautiful boats.

André Beaufils, President of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez
“We’ll naturally remember the beautiful weather conditions that guaranteed the success of this edition. 2017 is a fine vintage. Each year, I wonder how I can introduce new innovations to amaze those on shore. I have a few ideas for next year’s 20th edition. The parade by the crews seems to be running out of steam slightly so we need to think about how we can fire up the festive aspect of the event even more. The feedback from the crews and owners is excellent and it’s a pleasure to hear that. The only slight reservations relate to the on-the-water safety regarding the spectator boats. In addition, I’m very happy to witness the enthusiasm of the local, regional, national and international media with over 200 French and overseas journalists and 20 teams filming the event. Var Matin graced us with covers and very comprehensive articles every day and the partners appear to be delighted.”

Georges Kohrel, Principal Race Officer
“We enjoyed very good conditions throughout the week from Monday onwards, and though sometimes a little boisterous according to some, the wind was a constant player! There are no serious collisions to lament. However, we did see around ten or so sailors end up in the drink, without consequence fortunately! I’m very pleased with the Committees, the teams on the water and the safety guys, who were very much in demand on the water due to the presence of countless spectator boats, which didn’t always stick to the rules or respect those yachts out on the racetrack. We have been fleshing out our teams each year and we’re endeavouring to call upon our powers of persuasion to prevent visiting boats from taking the risk of getting too close to the yachts whilst racing. There is quite an education required in that department. The competitors’ safety is essential. Aside from that, everyone has worked really well, with a great display of solidarity in evidence. There have only been a few protests made to the jury, which proves that everything’s working well!”

Sailing glamour at Les Voiles:
Loïck Peyron, Franck Cammas (Babsy), Patrizio Bertelli (Linnet) Sébastien Audigane (Mariska), Sébastien Destremeau (Ikra), Christian Ponthieu (Mariska), Alain Fédensieu (Nagaiana), Antoine Carpentier (Black pepper 2), Pablo Santurde (The Lady Anne), Jochen Schuman (Open Season), Ben Ainslie (Blitzen), Marc Pajot (Tango), Marcel van Triest (Magic Carpet3), Alexia barrier (Nada), Brad Butterworth (Rambler), Jan Dekker (Rambler), Dimitri Deruelle (Team Vision), Sime Fantella (Nahima), Flavio Favini (Magic Blue), German Frers (Fjord III), Torben Grael (Linnet), Erwan Leroux (Genie of the lamp), Philippe Monnet (Lys), Lionel Péan (Babsy), Thierry Péponnet (Tango), Luc Poupon, Sébastien Col (Renata), Marie Tabarly (Mariska), Bruno Troublé (Chips), Nicolas Troussel (Daguet), Vasco Vascotto (Cannonball), Tom Whidden (Magic Carpet), Pierre Casiraghi (Tuiga)…

The rankings:
The Wallys, in their dedicated round set off Pampelonne, validated 6 superb races, alternating between windward-leewards and pretty coastal sprints. 14 of these futuristic machines were competing this week. The battle royal between the 4 Wallycento certainly lived up to its promises, Magic Carpet3 dominating the top spot for a long while against the formidable Open Season. Ultimately though, it was the ‘little’ Wally 77 Lyra that took the trophy by winning two fine races.

1- Lyra – Wally 77: 12 pts
2- Open Season – Wally 107: 14 pts
3- Magic Carpet3 – Wallycento: 15 pts

Modern craft
The 5 IRC groups all validated 4 races this week amidst a range of very varied breeze, which enabled a number of fine winners to be crowned.

Cammas at ease in VOR 70
For Franck Cammas, stepping back aboard a VOR 70 was like riding a bike. Accompanied by Lionel Péan and crew aboard the sistership to his Groupama IV, he got the better of the Maxi 72 Cannonball and the giants Rambler and My Song, turning this week’s windy conditions to their advantage.

1- Babsy – Franck Cammas: 17 pts
2- Cannonball – Dario Ferrari: 24 pts
3- Rambler – George David: 25 pts

1- Music – James Blakemore: 12 pts
2- Daguet – Frederic Puzin: 14 pts
3- Flo d’Orient – Bernard Coquelet : 16 pts

1- Renata – Orel Kalomeni: 8 pts
2- Alizée – Laurent Camprubi: 10 pts
3- Arobas – Gerard Logel: 14 pts

1- Takaoama3 – Pierre Chartier: 18 pts
2- Vito 2 – Gian Marco Magrini: 20 pts
3- Al Dente – Hubert Lombardo: 23 pts

1- Alice – Simon Henning – 11 pts
2- Heat – Max Augustin – 13 pts
3- Expresso 2 – Guy Claeys – 16 pts

The Classic yachts sailed some spectacular races in the bay each day. The four Fife-designed 15 m JIs competing for the Rolex Trophy completed 7 races in all.

Grand Tradition
1- Moonbeam III — Erwan Noblet: 8 pts
2- Halloween – Inigo Strez: 15 pts
3- Elena of London – Steve McLaren: 17 pts

Gaff-rigged Epoque Group A
1- Spartan – Charles Ryan: 9 pts
2- Olympian – Marc Audineau: 9 pts
3- Kelpie – Olive Pelham: 11 pts

Gaff-rigged Epoque Group B
1- Linnet – Patrizio Bertelli: 4 pts
2- Tilly XV – Joeri Moessnang: 8 pts
3- Oriole – Laurence Rames de Moers: 20 pts

Marconi Epoque A
1- Rowdy – Riendan McCarthy: 10 pts
2- Blitzen – Peter Morton: 11 pts
3- Enterprise – Hans Christian Schrijvers: 17 pts

Marconi Epoque B – the 8ms
1- Cholita – Bruno Catalan: 8 pts
2- Carron II – Jean Luc Leveque: 9 pts
3- Jour de Fête – Pascal Oddo: 18 pts

Marconi Epoque C
1- Cippino II – Daniel Sieleki: 7 pts
2- Fjord III – German Frers: 11 pts
3- Comet – Marc Marciano: 16 pts

Marconi Epoque D
1- Sonda – Eric Leprince: 5 pts
2- Nagaiana – Alain Fédensieu: 14 pts
3- Java – Schengili: 15 pts

Marconi Classic A
1- Lys – Philippe Monnet: 8 pts
2- Eugenia V: 13 pts
3- Yanira – Andre de Leon: 13 pts

Marconi Classic B
1- St Christopher – Daria Cabai: 9 pts
2- Aigue Blu – Fabrice Garau: 20 pts
3- Palynodie II – Henri Ferbus: 16 pts

Marconi Classic C
1- France – Thierry Verneuil: 9 pts
2- Ikra – Sebastien Destremeau: 10 pts
3- Sovereign – Nicolas Berenger: 10 pts

Guest Group
1- Maria Giovanna II – Jean Pierre Sauvan: 7 pts
2- Alibaba II – Jorge Blanco: 9 pts
3- Windhover – Olivier Poulain: 12 pts

Modern Marconi
1- Camomille – Jean Louis Nathan: 12 pts
2- Jolt – Peter Harrison: 17 pts
3- Aetos – Nicolas Sihouris: 13 pts

15 M JI
15 mJI after 7 races. Mariska is declared the winner thanks to the number of race wins posted, namely four.
1- Mariska – Benjamin Redreau: 14 pts
2- The Lady Anne – Le May Richard: 14 pts
3- Tuiga – Pierre Casiraghi: 20 pts
4- Hispania – Jose Rabane: 23 pts

The Yacht Club de France’s Autumn Cup
12 m JI:
1- Ikra – Sébastien Destremeau
Gaff Group
1- Tilly XV – Joerg Moessnang
Classic Group:
1- Maria Giovana II – Jean Pierre Sauvan
Marconi Group:
1- Argyll – Griff Rhys Jones
Marconi B Group
1- Cippino II – Martin Billoch
Tofinou Group
1- Pitch – Patrice Ribaud

The Trophies:

Rolex Trophy: Mariska – Christian Niels – 15 m JI

Edmond de Rothschild Trophy: Renata – Orel Kalomeni – IRC C

BMW Trophy: Wally 77 Lyra – Jaimie Anderson – Wally

Tropheminin: Stele – Pascale Ligier
The Town of Saint-Tropez Trophy: Renata –Orel Kalomeni – Modern boats, all categories combined
Parade: Asana
Bowling (petanque) competition: Java Bleue

Yacht Club de France Trophy: Tilly XV – Joerg Moessnang
Loro Piana Trophy: Babsy – Franck Cammas – IRC A
Kappa Trophy: Music – James Blackmore – IRC B
Enata Trophy: Tokaoma3 – Pierre Chartier – IRC D
Marines de Cogolin Trophy: Alice – Simon Henning IRC E
Le Byblos Trophy: Spartan – Charles Ryan Gaff-rigged Epoque A
Pommery Trophy: Linnet – Patricio Bertelli Gaff-rigged Epoque B
Jetfly Trophy: Rowdy – Brendan Mc Cathy Marconi Epoque A
SNSM Trophy: Cholita – Bruno Catalan Marconi Epoque B
Esprit Village Trophy: Cippino II – Daniel Sieleki Marconi Epoque C
Air France Trophy: Sonda – Eric Leprince Marconi Epoque D
Mercantour Trophy: Lys – Philippe Monnet Marconi Classic A

Partners to Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez

Saturday 30 September – Sunday 1 October: Registration and inspection
Monday 2, Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4, Thursday 5(J. Laurain Day, Challenge Day), Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October: Coastal course, 1st start 11:00am

Sunday 1 and Monday 2 October: Registration and inspection
Sunday 1 October: finish of the Yacht Club de France’s Coupe d’Automne from Cannes
Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4, Thursday 5 (J. Laurain Day, Challenge Day, Club 55 Cup, GYC Centenary Trophy), Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October: Coastal course, 1st start 12:00 noon

Prize-giving for everyone
Sunday 8 October, from 11:00am

Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez, Commodore: André Beaufils
Principal Race Officer: Georges Korhel
On the water organisation: Philippe Martinez
On shore logistics: Emmanuelle Filhastre
Financial management: Delphine Reusse
Registration: Frédérique Fantino
Communication: Chloé de Brouwer
Website: www.lesvoilesdesaint-tropez.fr
Facebook: Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez official
Twitter: @VoilesSTOrg

Press Relations: Maguelonne Turcat
Tel +33 (0)6 09 95 58 91
Email magturcat@gmail.com

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