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Transat Jacques Vabre 21.11.2017

Video Alert: Initiatives-Coeur finishes 6th in the IMOCA class of the Transat Jacques Vabre

After 15 days of racing, Initiatives-Coeur crossed the finish line of the 13th Transat Jacques Vabre on Monday, November 20th at 21h 15min 39s (French time). Tanguy de Lamotte (FRA) and Sam Davies (GBR) finish this theoretical course of 4,350 miles (8,056 km) between the French port of Le Havre and Salvador in Brazil in 6th place on the IMOCA, after trying, in vain, to catch up with the Kito de Pavant / Yannick Bestaven tandem who, ironically, sailed aboard the former Initiatives-Cœur.

VIDEO – Tanguy de Lamotte and Sam Davies on Initiatives-Coeur
arriving in Salvador, Brazil.
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© Nicolas Fabbri / Initiatives-Coeur

VIDEO – Boat arrival and interview with Sam Davies (GBR) –
interview starts at 02:24
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© Transat Jacques Vabre / Sea Events

PHOTO – Tanguy de Lamotte and Sam Davies on the Initiatives-Coeur in Salvador, Brazil.
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© Jean-Marie Liot / ALeA / TJV2017


During this transatlantic race Sam and Tanguy had to get to know and master a new boat and learn to exploit the extra power gained by the foils. As the weather conditions have not always allowed it, the mixed duo sees there is a “job list” with areas for improvement to the monohull, that will go into the boatyard this winter. By completing the course with a boat in perfect condition, they have accumulated valuable information on how the boat’s handling. It is time for the debrief.

“A disadvantageous choice of sail”

Before the start, Sam and Tanguy chose to unload their spinnaker, a strategic decision that did not prove wise. “This sail choice is certainly our biggest mistake” – Sam.
“Our friends in front sailed superbly, the first three know their boat perfectly having sailed a Vendée Globe with it, they are at the end of a cycle, while we are starting ours. As for Bastide Otio, it is a very good boat, I know what I am talking about (laughs), Yannick and Kito have sailed particularly well after having managed to take the lead from us in the Doldrums, I am happy for Kito.” – Tanguy.

“Sam and I did not see much of each other!”

With the Transat Jacques Vabre now completed, Tanguy is about to turn a page in his life of offshore racing. “It was a wonderful transition transat, I am very happy and proud of the way the project is communicated, it is simple and natural. In 15 days, Sam has learned a great deal from this new boat, she felt good and confident even in difficult conditions such as the front we had at the start. At that moment, we were more in relay mode. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was good, we made our decisions together and it was a very fine last race.” – Tanguy.

“If the children were not waiting for us on arrival, we would turn around to stay at sea!”

Whether through the radio interviews or videos, their happiness to be at sea was obvious. Sam was “So happy to helm this boat, I do not want to leave it! I am confident for the upcoming solo challenges, I look forward to making progress with this boat. If the children were not waiting for us on arrival, clearly, we would turn around! (laughs)”
More moderate, Tanguy is happy to touch down. “12 years ago I was finishing my Mini Transat in Salvador de Bahia, I am really happy to go back and be able to spend a few days on holiday with my family.”

“The solidarity objective has been beyond our expectations”

Each race is the occasion of a large-scale awareness campaign during which the two main sponsors of the boat, K-LINE and Initiatives, via their donations to the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque association, fund the surgical operations of children suffering from serious heart defects. 
Since the opening of the start village in Le Havre, Internet users have participated in a real challenge 2.0 consisting of gathering a maximum of “Likes” and “Shares” on the Initiatives-Coeur Facebook page. 
“It is astounding. The mobilisation around this project is incredible and heart-warming. The objective of this transatlantic race was to be able to finance 15 operations, but today the public interest is such that this figure exceeded our hopes.” – Tanguy.
In fact, 25 children will be saved, including 6 thanks to the engagement of VINCI Energies employees.

PHOTO – Initiatives-Coeur, the 6th IMOCA to arrive in Salvador, Brazil.
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© Jean-Marie Liot / ALeA / TJV2017

The video of crossing the finish line and the first interviews are available on: https://tjv2017.seaevents.tv