2017 Tornado Europeans – Day 1 20.07.2017

2017 Tornado Europeans – Day 1

Centro Vela Dervio, lake Como

20 July 2017

The first day of the championship started with a skipper’s meeting at 11.00.

Ideal sailing conditions with south- southeast wind around 10 knots made the 1st start exciting. The boats were widely spread apart on the starting line with most of the fleet choosing the right side of the race course.

The first mark rounding found GER 44 in first followed by GER 2 in second place. Last year defenders, GRE 11 attacked from behind gaining distance from leg to leg and managed to finish 1st leaving SUI 228, SUI 1 and GER 44 in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place respectively while the wind dropped gradually.

Postponement got on and sailors waited on the lake making it easier for AUT 3 to repair the damage they had and return to the race area for the second race of the day that eventually started after 3 hours waiting.

The wind build up to 8 knots and the 2nd race started. This first upwind made the fleet separate but the right side seem to be quicker.

SUI 1 rounded first Mark No1 for the second lap and extended their lead to the finish line.