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Vendee Globe Race 2016/17

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Monday 5th December 2016
Wind in the Indian Ocean

Weather analysis
The conditions are tough for all the boats sailing in the Indian Ocean while the back of the fleet can get some rest.
Romain Attanasio has hit a UFO and is heading for Cape Town
Romain Attanasio has hit a UFO and...
Leeuwin record for leader Le Cléacíh, damage for Josse and Attanasio
Leeuwin record for leader Le Cléacíh,...

Weather Analysis for the leaders December 5th at 3PM
© Great Circle
The two leaders are sailing at high speeds ahead of a front. Sébastien Josse who had to slow down because of technical problems has decided to sail South in a less windy zone for Tuesday along the Antarctic Exlusion Zone. It is SMA (Paul Meilhat) today who is sailing in the toughest conditions at the back of this low pressure system with heavy seas and more than 30 knots of wind.
Jean-Pierre Dick and Yann Eliès are in the same system. They have a nice trajectory in a steady Northwesterly flow which should accompany them for a few more hours. Behind, Jean Le Cam and Thomas Ruyant are downwind and have to jibe. The gap should thus increase between the two groups.

© Grégory Brandel We see on the second chart that the depression which concerns the head of the fleet will move on Tuesday to the South of the ice limit. Boats will therefore remain in westerly winds between 30 and 40 knots. The second depression is forming to the east of the first one. The four leading boats are going to continue to deal with this system until the end of the week.

© Great Circle For Kito de Pavant (the most easterly boat on the third chart), conditions remain tough while for the rest of the fleet Monday is a rather quiet day before the next depression hits the back of the fleet. It should allow some of them to carry out repairs and to get ready for the days ahead which will be windy.
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