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Vendee Globe Race 2016/17

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2nd December 2016

A French Navy helicopter from the frigate Nivôse, whose mission is to ensure French sovereignty of the Southern Ocean and Antarctic Islands flew over Sébastien Josse - Edmond de Rothschild very early this morning off the Kerguelens.
These pictures were taken thanks to some close collaboration between the Race Directors, the Vendée Globe audiovisual production team, the French Navy and French TV channel TF1.

- Raw footage of the flight over Edmond de Rothschild of the Kerguelen Islands + audio interview with Sébastien Josse (VHF) This footage will be available at 1935 UTC this evening.
- Footage taken by Sébastien Josse when the helicopter from the frigate NIVÔSE flew close to Edmond de Rothschild. Footage already available

Video server:
The raw footage must be credited as follows: “Images Marine Nationale / TF1 / Nefertiti Prod.” © Saem Vendée / Nefertiti Prod

View the photos taken today by a helicopter from the frigate Nivôse off the Kerguelens of Sébastien Josse, who is racing in the Vendée Globe.
Free of rights pictures for press use only within the context of news coverage of the 2016-2017 Vendée Globe.
Photos must be credited as follows: © Marine Nationale / Vendée Globe
Photos available from 1935 UTC
> Download the photos in HD format directly from the photo server (access via the press section) here

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