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Alex Thomson Racing - Extreme Sailing
First to the Equator

British Skipper Alex Thomson has broken a Race Record in the Vendee Globe

Tuesday 15th November 19:05 UTC- British Skipper Alex Thomson onboard HUGO BOSS has crossed the Equator in first place and in the fastest time ever in the Vendee Globe solo, non-stop, round the world race. Having led the fleet since Saturday evening Thomson has set a new race record reaching the Equator in the Vendee Globe. Crossing the Equator in 9 days and 7 hours and 3 minutes.Thomson onboard HUGO BOSS has now entered the South Atlantic Ocean in the Southern Hemisphere.

The previous record to the Equator was set in 2004 by French Skipper Jean Le Cam in 10 days and 11 hours. Le Cam is edition currently in 9th position.
The Vendée Globe is a single handed non-stop unassisted race around the world. The race takes place every four years and has historically been dominated by the French. This year’s edition sees 29 IMOCA 60’s in the race. The race is renowned for being one of the most gruelling sporting challenges left in the world today. Just 71 of the 138 starters since the race’s inception, back in 1989, have successfully completed the race, and three have lost their lives along the way.

Alex Thomson is determined to be the first British Skipper to win the Vendée Globe. It is a race which could take up to 80 days. Thomson is one of the favourites to win and currently has a lead of 56.3 nautical miles ahead of Armel Le Cleac’h onboard Banque Populaire VIII.
For regular updates and to track HUGO BOSS as she races in the Vendée Globe please go towww.alexthomsonracing.com
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