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Monday 06 February 2017, 07h20
News > Fourteenth Equator For Wilson last night, Fa 700 miles from Finish

Rich Wilson crossed the Equator back into the northern hemisphere last night at 1816hrs UTC after 91days 6hrs and 14mins of racing, 2 days 5hrs and 51 mins after Alan Roura on La Fabrique and 19 days 15hrs and 19mins after passing Cape Horn
Windy conditions in the North Atlantic
The same scenario for all the skippers

Photo sent from the boat Great American IV, on December 10th, 2016 - Photo Rich WilsonPhoto envoyée depuis le bateau Great American IV le 10 Décembre 2016 - Photo Rich WilsonSunset
© Rich Wilson/ Great American IV
"This was my 14th time across the equator, 13 times under sail, and once aboard New Zealand Pacific, after the capsize and rescue at Cape Horn, in 1990. That’s a goodly number, and includes the clipper route voyages that we did, San Francisco to Boston, New York to Melbourne, and then Hong Kong to New York," Wilson noted last night, adding: " We’re just poking along here now, not even to the Doldrums yet, the winds have shifted quite a bit in just the last 24 hours, mostly driven by the Azores High. It is much further north, moving itself, and reducing the pressure on the trade winds that are down here. The beginning of the trade winds has moderated itself and moved to the North. The ITCZ, the Intertropical Convergence Zone has been moved by the NOAA folks on their weather maps, 1 degree further north, meaning we have to go up another 60 miles to even get there, before we start bashing it out with the Doldrums." Rich Wilson has light E'ly winds of around 10kts this morning and was making around six to seven knots of boat speed.

Leading the fleet on the water with 730 miles to the finish line in Les Sables d'Olonne, Nandor Fa is going well, nicely placed on the this very active low pressure system. He still has 35-40kts of wind from the WSW. The wind will veer for him through today and tomorrow. Spirit of Hungary is still due to finish Tuesday evening or night. Eric Bellion on CommeUnSeulHomme in ninth place has some energy problems but his hydrogenerator systems are still working well to give him ample power. He is upwind this morning and will continue to be so, 380 miles SW of the Azores. His current NE'ly course would take him through the island group.
Conrad Colman remains slowed in the Azores High on Foresight Natural Energy, making just 4.7kts on the early morning poll in a SE'ly 10kts breeze. He still needs to stay with his N'ly course to connect with a low pressure system and has another day of light conditions at least. The duo La Mie Câline and Newrest-Matmut, Arnaud Boissières and Fabrice Amedeo, are still close hauled in the NE'ly trade winds with 111 miles between the two, chasing Amedeo lifted slightly by his breeze which is more E'ly.

Alan Roura is working upwind too in the tough, bouncy, slamming trade winds which have eased slightly since yesterday, making a course just west or north and sailing at 13kts. Didac Costa (OnePlanet OneOcean) is now 170 miles behind Rich Wilson (Great American IV) and making 14.7kts compared with his chasing rival Romain Attanasio's 11.9. The Spanish skipper has now crept 23 miles clear of the Famille Mary-Etamine du Lys.
Dutch skipper Pieter Heerema (No Way Back) is getting into better E'ly trade winds, making 11kts today, he is in ENE'ly winds of 10-15kts which look like they will build slightly for him today. And Sébastien Destremau is off Mar Del Plata this morning. He tacked the 'office' last night and is pointing NE in an N'ly breeze which is today building to 30kts.

Weather analysis
Windy conditions in the North Atlantic
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