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Weather analysis

A complicated high pressure ridge to be negociated by the leaders on Wednesday Monday 16 January 2017, 16h40
While Banque Populaire VIII and Hugo Boss are sailing in a south-easterly wind at high speeds, they have to study closely the crossing of the ridge of high pressure off Brittany forecast for Wednesday, January 18th.
Photo-finish predicted in Vendée Globe thriller

Photo-finish predicted in Vendée Globe...

Age no barrier as Roura and Wilson round Cape Horn

Table of route until the finish for the two leaders - January 16th 2017 © Great Circle

Positionen am 16.01.
Banque Populaire VIII and Hugo Boss are taking advantage at present of a relatively stable SE'ly wind to sail very fast towards a virtual point that they have chosen off Brittany. This wind should decrease on Tuesday for Armel le Cléac'h first and then for Alex Thomson. Wednesday, January 18th will be the trickiest day. It will be necessary for them to tack in the Channel off Brittany to play the wind shift from Southeast to Northeast in the ridge. This ridge is an extension of the high pressure system which is moving towards the North Sea. Choosing the right point to tack and to get the shift quickly will be the determining factor. By tacking too early, the course will be disastrous on the new tack. On the other hand, a late tack means extra distance.

Other parameters are going to add to the problem. There is the current, the traffic separation schemes (TSS) which you can’t cross as you want. Sailing along the Southern coast of Brittany with north-easterly winds can also be complex with the wind becoming unstable in speed
and direction. The end of the Vendée Globe will thus be full of meteorological hurdles.
Behind, Jérémie Beyou seems to have found the southerly winds he was expecting. It seems more complicated for Jean-Pierre Dick who is in a zone of light winds. He should see Yann Eliès and Jean Le Cam closing the gap with him once again. Louis Burton is sailing in the trade winds and Nandor Fa should find them tomorrow.
Eric Bellion and Conrad Colman will need to sail several days upwind before easing the sheets in the easterly winds.
Fabrice Amedeo, Arnaud Boissières, Alan Roura and Rich Wilson have not finished with the depressions off Cape Horn. They could have strong winds tomorrow again.

In the Pacific Ocean, the wind conditions are more pleasant for Didac Costa, Romain
Attanasio, Pieter Heerema and Sébastien Destremau. It is probably very cold for the first two. They are sailing in a polar wind coming straight from Antarctica.
Christian Dumard and Bernard Sacré / Great Circle

•ETA for the first boat in Les Sables d'Olonne: Thursday 19th January
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