Vendee Globe Race 2016/17 - Teil 2

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Saturday 14th of January 2017
Storm forecast over Cape Horn for Sunday 15th January

Weather analysis
Arnaud Boissières, Fabrice Amedeo, Alan Roura and Rich WIlson are set to round Cape Horn with strong winds.
Digging deep with their eyes on the prize
'Anxious' Le Cléac'h vows to focus on ultimate goal
Weather forecast for Cape Horn January 15th 2017 at 9h00 © Great Circle

A storm is expected West of Cape Horn on January 15th for Newrest Matmut, La Mie Câline, La Fabrique and Great American IV. A depression situated to the south-west of the Cape Horn is generating a north-westerly breeze along the Chilean coast. The mountains, which peak at about 4,000 metres on the south-west coast of the South American peninsula, cause the wind to accelerate in this zone. The katabatic winds can also increase the average wind speed. These are cold and violent winds which come down from the mountains. They go by the name of Williwaws in Patagonia and are dreaded by the sailors who navigate this part of the globe.
For our four skippers, the wind could reach 45 to 50 knots with gusts at more than 60 knots (dark red on the first chart). They may get less wind by sailing further South, along the Ice Exclusion Zone. © Great Circle

Sturm an Kap Hoorn
© Great Circle

Wettersituation im Atlantik 14.01.
© Great Circle
With regards to the rest of the fleet, conditions are rather mild. The depression which affected Nandor Fa is moving away southwards. Both leaders are still sailing in a shifty wind as they try to hunt down a strong south-westerly breeze off the Azores from Sunday.
Christian Dumard and Benard Sacré / Great Circle © Great Circle

•ETA for the first boat in Les Sables d'Olonne: Thursday 19th January
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