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About La Rochelle
For 1,000 years, La Rochelle the „rebel“ likes being different: democratic a long time before the rest of France, it is Protestant when the whole France is Catholic; it always innovates and disrupts commonplaces and the city becomes a pioneer as regards urban ecology. Throughout history, La Rochelle shows its difference. It has always been turned toward the sea and has a rich and turbulent past. La Rochelle remained bubbly of ideas and events. Boating and sailing races are deeply rooted in La Rochelle’s culture and many events were held in this city where the French boating industry could develop its numerous assets.

La Rochelle ist Gsthafen sowohl für Inshoreraces (Finns) als auch Ausgangspunkt für europäische Figaroraces und Aroundraces.

European Finn La Rochelle 2014

Velux 5 Oceans 2010/11

La Solitaire du Figaro 2008

Global Challenge 2004/05

Volvo Ocean Race 2001/02