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North Sails 3Di
„As a management team, we had to decide if we wanted to invest in the technology or not. The bet was about a 20 million dollar bet,“ said North Sails COO, Dan Neri, reflecting back on North’s decision to purchase an idea that eventually led to today’s most advanced sailmaking product: North Sails 3Di. Dan worked alongside lead sail designer, JB Braun, and many others among the North team to turn an idea into a game-changing sail technology. Feedback from clients and professional sailors was key to the development cycle. In this video we hear from Cameron Appleton, who speaks from experience using 3Di sails in a variety of sailing circles – from small boat one design to superyachts.

Only the Essentials
North Sails 3Di exemplifies outstanding value with industry leading shape holding and a longer service life compared to other sailmaking technologies. Proprietary engineering and construction methods allow 3Di sails to maintain their shape to an unprecedented level. Superyachts now use one set of 3Di sails for racing, cruising and deliveries. Volvo Ocean Race teams trust one mainsail for 35,000+ miles around the world; they formerly used two or three string laminate sails. Circumnavigators are using 3Di sails for multiple laps. Do the math, and you’ll find that 3Di sails have a lower cost of ownership than any other sails in the world.