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Issue 48 Saturday 18 February 2017
Cup Experience Monday News
Kiwi Surprise - Bike Grinders and more...
Oracle Unveils Race Boat Where is the AC72 That Won in 2013? Ask Jack: Can the Teams Train Together?

Emirates Team New Zealand took the America's Cup world by surprise when they launched their race boat on Valentine's Day with bicycle grinding stations.
TVNZ showed video and Sail-World's Richard Gladwell published a series of photos. In the team's video, design coordinator Dan Bernasconi explains how they made the decision to go with the bicycle grinding stations. Video and photos available on - click here.

The bicycle grinders are not the only surprise. We'll have to investigate how Glenn Ashby trims the wing. Look closely at the photo above, and you'll notice there is no winch on the deck.
This is a pretty extreme shape for the daggerboard wing: a polyhedral "inverted gull wing" - the shape used for the WWII Junkers Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber.

It works pretty well in light air - Richard Gladwell reported that the Kiwis were foiling smoothly in as little as four knots of wind. See Richard's articles here and here.
Oracle Unveils Race Boat Hours After Kiwi Launch

Oracle unveiled their race boat at a party on Valentine's Day evening. They christened the boat the next day.
Luciana Corral smashed the champagne bottle with a mighty swing. Fortunately the shore crew had built a protective "bottle protector." Click the photo to see the video.

Spithill on Bicycle Grinding
Naturally, the hot topic at Oracle's party on Tuesday was the Kiwi grinding stations.
“We looked at it hard, as I know all the teams did, and it’s a compromise,” Spithill said. “Nothing is straightforward. You can get more power on the pedal, but there’s other compromises. You take windage and it’s a little harder getting on and off the pedals, so personally I don’t think that decision will be the deciding factor. We looked at it hard to see how it works out and they are the only team to do it so far from what we’ve seen. We haven’t seen Artemis’s boat yet, but I don’t think they would have done it. Whether it will be a good decision only time will tell and really until we see them sailing up here in the Great Sound we won’t really have any idea of where they’re at.”

Where is the AC72 That Won in 2013?
Oracle's winning AC72 in the Mariners' Museum in Newport News, Virginia.
I'm on my way today to Newport News to help plan the "Speed and Innovation in the America's Cup" exhibit that will open in May. I've been asked to be "guest curator" - an honor and a lot of fun, working with a great team.

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Reader Questions to "Ask Jack"

Ask me anything about the America's Cup! I don't claim to know all the answers, but I usually can find someone with the information.
Just reply to this email, or use the "Ask Jack" page on my website.
From Sam in Auckland: For the teams that do not have AC45X boats leftover after building their ACC yachts, (i.e. ETNZ/GTF) can they race/test their ACC boats against any other of the teams' AC45X boats? Say ETNZ wants to trial against LRBAR in Bermuda, could they test against LRBARs T3? Does that violate the no racing your ACC against another rule?
Hello Sam, No team is allowed to sail their AC Class race yacht "in a coordinated manner" with another team, regardless of what boat the other team is sailing.

More about the Framework Agreement
In the last issue, I answered Peter's question about whether the Framework Agreement respects the Deed of Gift relative to when a challenge can be "considered." (See Peter's question and my reply, below.) In the meantime my good friend Steve Tsuchiya, Chairman of the America's Cup Hall of Fame Selection Committee and an expert on the Deed of Gift, confirmed my conclusion and clarified that "considering" a challenge includes "vetting" it. Is the challenge in the correct form and from a yacht club entitled to challenge? No one has presented a challenge yet and no one can until we know who wins the Match in June. Nothing in the Framework Agreement constitutes a challenge or the acceptance of a challenge. The five clubs have merely agreed what each of them will do if they win. The Deed of Gift does not prohibit "hip pocket challenges." You can be sure that the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Emirates Team New Zealand have been making plans with their hip pocket challenger, too.
From Peter in Florida: About that Framework Agreement - doesn't the Deed of Gift prohibit the Defender from considering another challenge before the current one is decided?

Hello Peter, In practice, no. The Framework Agreement works in a similar fashion to clubs lining up the "hip pocket challenges" that I explained last week. In the past, the clubs in the Match have lined up potential challengers before the conclusion of the Match. That way they could avoid surprises like Sir Michael Fay and Mercury Bay Boat Club in 1987. The difference this time is that five of the six clubs in the current event have all agreed to have a hip pocket challenger who has agreed to the terms of the Framework Agreement. As long as one of those five teams wins in June, the Framework Agreement will work. Of course, if ETNZ wins, all bets are off.
That said, I suppose someone could challenge the the Framework Agreement in the New York courts, and millions of dollars in legal fees would get burned up arguing over what it means "to consider" a challenge. Here is the relevant sentence from the Deed of Gift: "And when a challenge from a Club fulfilling all the conditions required by this instrument has been received, no other challenge can be considered until the pending event has been decided." The defense lawyer would certainly argue that a challenge is not "considered" until it is accepted.
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