The Global Challenge of Jan Luc Van den Heede 2003/2004
mit der Adrienne: Around-Solo-Nonstop - Von Ost nach West gegenan - Hochseerekorde

Eine neue Segellegende:
Jean Luc Van den Heede

Geschichte und Background

Adrien back in her home port
Jean Luc Van den Heede is very discreet, but found it difficult to hide his emotion, as he brought Adrien alongside the Vendée Globe landing stage in Les Sables díOlonne.
In Les Sables díOlonne, the naval tradition grows ever stronger. In the hearts of the local people, the four "Vendée Globe" events clearly set a precedent in terms of the enthusiasm and admiration they feel for yachtsmen. Jean Luc Van den Heede is now one of them. By smashing Philippe Monnetís record by 29 days, VDH entered marine legend last Tuesday.

Jan Luc Van den Heede hat es geschafft!
2h26(LT) überquerte er mit seiner Adrien die Ziellinie an der Ile d'Quessant. Er umrundete den Globus von Ost nach West allein in 122 Tagen, 14 h, 3 min und 49 sec.
Damit unterbot er die bisherige Bestzeit von Philippe Monnet um 29 Tage, 5 h, 50 min und 47 sec.

Der bisherige Rekord: 151 Tage, 19 h, 54 min
Dieses Global Challenge von Jan Luc Van den Heede ist die Herausforderung den Globus solo-nonstop gegen Wind und Wellen, d.h. von Ost nach West, zu umsegeln. Es ist damit "the wrong way round" - von Les Sables díOlonne zum Kap Hoorn, dann durch die Antarktis nach Australien und Kap der Guten Hoffnung - zurück nach Frankreich.

« The chap, who doesnít feel well at sea, should get another job!»

[24/2/2004] Jean Luc Van den Heede is laughing. After being absent for three days, the wind has finally returned, and in its wake, the yachtsman from Amiens has cheered up. «Iím not really in a hurry to get back on dry land, Iím sorry. However, I would like to finish, to achieve my goal, to increase my lead, so to arrive sooner, but psychologically, Iím doing fine. In any case, to do this, you have to like being at sea!» The former maths teacher is being very logical once again...
The Doldrums are now just a bad memory. I had to stick it out for three days, becalmed with a record for being slow the day before yesterday (35 miles in 24 hours). The sails flapping around from left to right, the boom swinging from one side to the other, the automatic pilot going crazy sounding its alarm every so often, unable to understand what the boat was up to at all, as she just would not obey, due to the absence of any wind. «True horror» said Jean Luc. Theyíre really very strange these sailors, who cross the oceans looking for storms, and get very disappointed when they are stood up.
«I lost a lot of time over Philippe Monnet. While I did have 26 and a half days lead, in just a short while, I lost 2 and a half days. Iím going to try to win those hours back, but Philippe managed to head back up very quickly. The Doldrums were more generous to him than to me. But thatís life.

Benoit Stichelbaut/DPPI/Rivacom

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