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25 June 2008
Oman Sail Project - Dame Ellen MacArthur's world breaking BQ/Castroma trimaran has joined the Oman Sail team

Three years after Dame Ellen MacArthur sailed into the history books by breaking the world record for a solo circumnavigation of the globe, her trimaran is back in action.

The 75 foot trimaran previously known as "BQ", has been acquired by The Sultanate of Oman and renamed "Musandam" after the spectacularly beautifully Musandam Peninsula which forms the country's northern tip.

The boat has undergone a minor refit to accommodate a crew of up to five - all probably slightly taller than Dame Ellen - to live on board and sail her.

With over 3,000km of coastline spanning three separate seas, one of the principle objectives of Oman's entry into the sailing world is to reignite the country's maritime heritage and promote the tourism potential of the Sultanate of Oman, from the beauty of its rugged coast line, to its mountains, deserts and the warm hospitality of its people. The Oman Sail team will also play a pivotal role in developing a Festival of the Sea as part of the 40th National Day Celebrations of the Sultanate in November, 2010.

The Oman Sail team are also currently competing in the iShares Cup in Europe this summer on their Extreme 40 catamaran "Masirah" - named after one of their islands famous for its white sand and the largest loggerhead turtle nesting site in the world.

Mohsin Al Busadi joins professional French sailors Loik Gallon (skipper) and Thierry Duprey Du Vorsent and British sailors Charles Darbyshire and Nick Houchin on the 75-foot trimaran in an attempt to sail the boat round the world starting from Muscat.&xnbsp; The 23,000 mile journey which passes the world's Great Capes, around Antarctica will be strewn with danger from icebergs to 50-foot waves in the Southern Ocean.&xnbsp; If successful, the circumnavigation is anticipated to take between 80-100 days. Up until 15 years ago, no one had ever completed a non-stop round the world journey aboard a sailing multihull and still today it remains the hardest challenge a sailor can ever dream of tackling.&xnbsp; Fewer than 20 boats have succeeded and one of the most famous of them, Ellen MacArthur's former Castorama trimaran, is attempting this challenge once more, this time under her new name Musandam and flying the colours of the Sultanate of Oman.

About the Extreme 40 'Masirah' programme:
The Extreme 40 Masirah finished in 4th place overall in the 2008 iShares Cup and then won the Arabian Extreme 40 Challenge that took place in Dubai and Muscat in early December 2008.&xnbsp; Masirah will again compete in the 2009 iShares Cup series, but with the aim that for this series one member of the crew drawn from the Oman Sail Racing Team.&xnbsp; The 2009 series will be hosted across five different European countries including the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

About the Arabian 100:
Currently under construction the first of the new One Design Arabian 100 trimarans will join the Oman Sail Race Team to undertake future ocean challenges.&xnbsp; The components of the first Arabian 100 are being built at Boatspeed in Sydney (Australia) using the same moulds as the 105' Sodeb'O trimaran [Sodeb'O has recently&xnbsp; attempted a solo round the world circumnavigation to beat the existing record held by Francis Joyon], and assembly will take place in Salalah, Oman this summer.

SEGEL.DE-Reisefotos aus Oman 1989(Hasselblad)

Fotos: http://omansail.com

Musandam auf halfwaypoint

Musandam bei Wellington

Die neue Oman-Musandam
Die neue Musandam
Die neue Oman-Flotte

Das neue Oman-Segelteam

Der neue BQ-Tri von Ellen Mac Arthur
Ellen Mac Athur - BQ-Taufe in Sydney 08.01.2004
Foto: Andrea Franconini/DPPI
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