Jules Verne Trophy 2004

- Hochseerekorde
Orange II(B.Peyron) - Geronimo(O.de Kersauson)

Neuer JV-Rekord Geronimo:
63 Tage, 13 h, 59 min, 46 sec

Absoluter WSSRC - Rekord:
Cheyenne/Steve Fossett - 05.04.04
58 Tage, 9 h, 32 min, 45 sec

Orange - Geronimo - Cheyenne

Das Oster-Alphabet
der Geronimo-Crew


Just a few days away from relaunching his maxi-catamaran Orange II (after four weeks of work on her), Bruno Peyron offers his congratulations to Geronimo on her arrival after a difficult trip. The Jules Verne Trophy record has been broken, but the absolute circumnavigation record (58 days, 9 hours, 32 minutes and 45 seconds) still holds. Bruno Peyron explains, " We now have a clearly defined task ahead of us for the winter of 2004-2005: that is winning back the Jules Verne Trophy and trying to beat the absolute WSSRC record. The whole of the Orange II team is up for it and the countdown has already begun. Before that happens, I challenge the skippers and owners of Giant Cats this Summer to enter into a truly honourable fight, where fair play is the rule!"

Olivier de Kersauson:
"I never want to repeat the experience we had in the Southern Ocean, but at least half our voyage around the world involved some magnificent surfing, for which this boat has such a wonderful talent.
(Ovation:) Bravo Olivier!!
“As for the second half of our trip… Well, it was a nightmare relived every day: not knowing when we would get through, not knowing what the wind would do and not knowing whether we would have any wind or not… We had no surfing, no enjoyable sailing with the boat – even as we approached the finish, we didn’t know whether the wind would turn in our favour or not.
Geronimo hat die Jules Verne Trophy gewonnen
Nach 63 Tagen, 13 h, 59 min und 46 sec hat der Trimaran von Cap Gemini et Schneider Electric am Lizard Point um 15:17 die Ziellinie überfahren und damit die Jules Verne Trophy für die schnellste Weltumrundung gewonnen. Der Weltrekord RTW der Cheyenne von Steve Fossett (63 Tage)- Zieldurchgang 05.04.04 - wurde "outright" im "World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) record book" gelistet. (http://www.sailspeedrecords.com)
The Capgemini and Schneider Electric trimaran crossed the Jules Verne Trophy finish line at 13:17:26 GMT (15:17:26 local time) today, Thursday 29 April.

Geronimo and her crew therefore circled the globe in 63 days, 13 hours, 59 minutes and 46 seconds (subject to ratification by the WSSRC within the next 24 hours).

Geronimo crossed the line between Lizard Point and the Créac'h lighthouse in mid-channel, her time being monitored by radar and satellite rather than by sight from either of the lighthouses at the ends of the line.

Going down in history
If the absolute circumnavigation record under sail is the privilege of big boats, Multiplast’s name has long been up there since it was Bruno Peyron who, on board Commodore Explorer – a 85 foot catamaran designed by Gilles Ollier and built by Multiplast – was first to carry off the Jules Verne Trophy in 1993 in 79d 06h 15 mn. And Bruno took the trophy once again in 2003 in 64d 08h 34mn 24s on board the first Orange (108 feet), yet another design from the Gilles Ollier Design Team and built by Multiplast.

13 attempts have been made until today, and only 4 crews have succeeded in beating the previous record. They are:
. 1993: Commodore Explorer / Bruno Peyron. 79d, 6h, 15mn.
. 1994: Enza New Zealand/Peter Blake. 74d, 22h, 17mn.
. 1997: Sport Elec/Olivier de Kersauson. 71d, 14h, 22mn.
. 2002: Orange/Bruno Peyron. 64d, 8h (18,15 kts for 29035 miles covered).

Key facts & figures
¨ Start / Finish: between the Créac'h lighthouse (Ushant -France) and cape Lizard (Cornwall)
¨ Date / time of start: Thursday February 26th 2004, 08:01m43s GMT, or 09:01m43s local time.
¨ Deadline for the record: Friday April 30th, at 18:38m07s.
¨ Distance to cover: 27 000 miles.
¨ Current record: Orange I - Bruno Peyron (March 2nd - May 5th 2002. 64d, 8h 37 mn. 28 035 miles covered).

Das klassische Champagnerritual

Erschöpft - aber glücklich

Geronimo hat es geschafft
Foto: Vincent Curutchet

Geronimo in einem Hoch gefangen

Cheyenne-in 58 Tagen um die Welt
© Thierry Martinez

Olivier kämpft mit Orkan und Monstersee

Zweiter Start der Orange
Foto: Martin Raget
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