Jules Verne Rekord 2003 - Hochseerekorde

GERONIMO - Orange vom 68.Tag

Berichte vom Kingfisher 2-Team

03.20.2003 06:00
Geronimo crosses the line
Geronimo crossed the virtual finish line between Ushant and the Lizard Point at 04:58:11 GMT this morning (subject to WSSRC confirmation). The Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Schneider Electric trimaran therefore completed her circumnavigation in 68 days, 1 hour, 58 minutes and 2 seconds.

“What is so impressive about humanity is the pressure we’re capable of putting ourselves under”. That’s the lesson Olivier de Kersauson wants to take away from this round-the-world voyage. Neither the crew nor the boat were at fault and only the weather can be blamed for failing to play the game. “We have all lived through an exceptional human adventure, but unfortunately none of us can actually share with you the sheer emotion that has gone into it. To have come home with the record would have given us something tangible to share with those who have done so.

03.19.2003 19:00
Approaching Ushant
At 09:00 GMT today, the Cap Gemini and Schneider Electric trimaran was hauling herself along at around 8 knots towards the finish line that she hopes to cross tonight. With no wind to speak of, Olivier de Kersauson and his 10-man crew could either benefit or suffer from the high tides (tide coefficient 114), which are particularly strong at this Equinoctial time. These currents can reach over seven knots near the island of Ushant, so with no engine and no wind, the trimaran must approach the line with great care, but paradoxically, it is this same current that may help her cross it!
At the time of Equinox, the day and night are of equal length, because the sun is above the earth’s equator. In this position, the sun has the effect of increasing the height of the tides, and when the sun and moon are aligned in syzygy, the tides are at their highest. This period is normally associated with drastic changes in the weather. However, it’s been a week since the current high pressure system began to dominate Europe and all the signs are that it will be some time before it releases its grip.

Absender: "Team Kingfisher"
Datum: 08. Mar 2003 11:41
* 13 DAYS SINCE KINGFISHER2 DISMASTED ON HER JV RECORD ATTEMPT, Ellen and the crew arrived safely at 1055 GMT (1855 local time) in Fremantle, Australia. Under tow for the last three hours of the trip, KINGFISHER2's bows turned round the breakwater into Fremantle harbour as the sun set...drawing to a close the final chapter on their Jules Verne.

2002 Orange (Peyron) 64 days 8 hours 37 minutes 24 seconds
1997 Sport Elec (de Kersauson) 71 days 14 hours 22 minutes 8 seconds
1994 ENZA (Blake/Knox-Johnston) 74 days 22 hours 17 minutes 22 seconds
1993 Commodore Explorer (Peyron) 79 days 6 hours 15 minutes 56 seconds

2003 GERONIMO (de Kersauson)
2003 KINGFISHER2 (MacArthur)
2002 GERONIMO (de Kersauson)
2002 Orange (Peyron) a few weeks later Peyron re-started and set a new record
1998 Royal Sun Alliance (Edwards)
1996 Sport Elec (de Kersauson)
1994 Lyonaisse des Eaux (de Kersauson)
1993 Charal (de Kersauson)
1993 ENZA (Blake/Knox-Johnston)


Kersauson - ein wenig enttäuscht
aber aufs neue entschlossen
Photo: F. Gicquiaud / Littoral-ouest.com

GERONIMO noch topfit nach Erdumrundung
Photo: F. Gicquiaud / Littoral-ouest.com

GERONIMO nach 68 Tagen am Ziel

Ellen kann es noch nicht fassen

Der 40m-Mast in 3 Teilen

KF2-Pos. beim Mastbruch

Mit raumem Wind durch den Südatlantik

Photo: Kingfisher-Team

Vergleichstabellen der Jules Verne Rekordfahrten
Tabelle1 Start-05.02.2003
Tabelle2 08.-15.02.2003

Datum KF-Position KF-24h-nm Rest-Meilen
Geronimo Orange 2002
16.02.03 41 22' S 04 15' W 507 18457 17390 18421
17.02.03 38 38'S 07 06'E 547 18089 17051 17934
18.02.03 41 55'S 17 33'E 517 17570 16716 17595
20.02.03 46 45'S 37 20'E
south of Marion Island
300 16809 15840 16747
21.02.03 50 32'S 42 51'E
(292 miles SE Marion Islands)
466 16443 15264 16377
22.02.03 50 25 `S 52 06 `E
660 miles west of Kerguelen Islands)
353 15845 14744 16046
23.02.03 50 49'S 64 53'E
185 miles SE of Kerguelen Islands)
488 15392 14448 15669
24.02.03 Mastbruch
100nm from Kerguelen Isl.
... 15135 14276 15467
16.03.03 Geronimo-Pos
43°22N by 16°25W
... Freemantle 604 100
20.03.03 Geronimo-Finish 044:58:11 GMT ... Freemantle 68.Tag 64.Tag
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