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July 09 2005
Geronimo sets a new World Record for The Challenge.
Geronimo – 17 days, 13 hours, 32 minutes 39 seconds record for The Challenge

A momentous occasion tonight as the giant ocean racing warrior Geronimo made her way back down Sydney Harbour 17 days, 13 hours, 32 minutes, 39 seconds after she crossed the start line off Sydney Opera House..

A jubilant Olivier de Kersauson and Geronimo’s men were greeted by a fantastic welcoming flotilla and the celebrations continued dockside at the Foxtel wharf after travelling the last five miles down the harbour under the cover of darkness.


There are only two Continents that can be circumnavigated and without a stop – Australia & Antarctica.

Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world (geographically), the only one to occupy an entire continent

The circumnavigation of Australia is approximately 6,500 nautical miles, which is equivalent to a non-stop sail from Sydney Australia to Los Angeles .

The circumnavigation of Australia provides varied conditions from equatorial light conditions to the strong trade winds of the subtropical areas and to the extreme cold of the roaring forties in the southern ocean – a challenge of magnitude and endurance to test the mind body and spirit.

Pacific Rim Maritime (Australian based) & Riva Com (France based) have developed a strategic alliance for the identification of specific yachting Challenges that are yet to be achieved, develop a venue and undertake the Challenge event. The events will be then established as Challenges/Races to be conducted on an on going schedule.

The principals and most of their team are well experienced yachtsmen’ of varied classes & codes; both monohull & multihull’s, revel in the ability to develop new venues that Challenge the yachts and the crews.

The Challenges are not limited to a races against the clock, but also fleet and one design racing.

The ability of PRM & Riva COM to develop the Challenge venues in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres is one of the great advantages of the alliance. They have developed specific regional networks over the years in the marine industry, that provide the venues an efficient operation for the actual ”Challenges”, also the support & media development to achieve the most for the Yachts, Crews and sponsors and for the all associated with the venues.

The Superyachting Challenge Team members have competed in many of the major yachting venues internationally. The key to the success of the Challenges is that we know as competitors what we want, rather than compromise as when events run by non-yachting or pseudo yachting organizations run and promote similar type venues on a straight commercials basis.

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